System Maintenance

Why inspect my radon mitigation system annually?

A radon mitigation (or abatement) system uses a fan and PVC piping system to extract radon gas from under your home and expel this gas harmlessly into the atmosphere. An existing radon mitigation system should be inspected annually to check for the following reasons:

Fan failure.

The fan contains the only moving parts in a radon system, but fans eventually wear out, fan impellers can break or wear prematurely. Most are warrantied for only 5 years but with regular maintenance a fan can last much longer, closer to 10 years. A radon system inspection will evaluate the condition of the fan so that you can be confident that toxic radon gas will continue to be expelled before it ever has the chance to reach your living space.

Foundation changes.

Home remodeling projects sometimes call for foundation changes that impact the performance of an existing radon mitigation system. As homes settle, new cracks can form or expansion joints in the basement floor can widen and separate with time. These new cracks and or expansion joints could allow radon gas to enter your home but with regular inspections we can stay on top of it and correct these issues as they arise.

Gaps and cracks.

The pipe system that extracts radon gas from the soil beneath your house should be as airtight as possible. Over time, gaps and cracks can develop, resulting in poor system performance and possible leakage of radon into the home.

Affordable protection.

It won't take long for a radon specialist to inspect an existing radon mitigation system and provide you with a thorough assessment of its performance. The inspection itself, as well as any recommended repair or maintenance work, can be done very affordably. It's a smart way to ensure your family’s safety.

Improved home value.

If you plan to sell your house, a properly maintained, well-functioning radon mitigation system will be important to real estate agents and prospective buyers. Don't be in the dark about your radon mitigation system. Rochester Radon specialists are trained and certified to keep your system in perfect working order. Schedule a radon mitigation system estimate today!

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