Rochester Radon

Service Agreement Options

Certified Mitigation Contractors In Rochester NY

  • Our maintenance plans are designed to look for any defects in material & workmanship that may cause the system to perform below maximum performance standards.
  • No unexpected surprise repairs.
  • Inspection of radon mitigation systems on a regular annual basis helps assure that they were installed properly and are performing as designed.
  • Feel Safe knowing your system is running properly & keeping your family safe.

When billed separately:

  • Radon Testing $195.00
  • Annual Maintenance inspection $95.00
  • Labor Rate per hour $100.00
  • Service Appointment home visit plus hourly rate $100.00
  • Average Radon fan Parts/Labor $250.00
Radon Inspection In Rochester, NY


$8.99/MO OR $89.99 ANNUALLY

  • 5 Year Parts/Labor warranty on Radon Fan
  • 15pt Annual Maintenance Inspection Included
  • Free Radon Testing Every 2 years
  • Half price Radon Testing for Family/Friends
    (1 per year, discounted rates for additional homes tested)


$15.99/MO OR $159.99 ANNUALLY

  • 10 Year Parts/Labor warranty on Radon Fan
  • 10 Year free fan upgrade
  • 25pt Annual System Inspection
  • Free Radon Testing Every 2 years
  • Complete Fan Replacement Warranty-Parts & Labor
  • Free Testing for Family/Friends homes
    (1 per year, discounted rates for additional homes tested)
  • No Cost labor on any warrantied repairs under service plan agreement

Includes Everything from Essential Plan plus

$24.99/MO OR $199.99 ANNUALLY

  • Double the factory Warranty on all Radon fans w/ yearly inspections
  • Free Re-Sealing of sump lids requiring sump pump replacements
  • Lifelong price lock on your service plan even if prices go up!
  • Crack Seal any new foundation/floor cracks against radon intrusion
  • Yearly Sump Pump Inspection Included
  • Covers all Incidental Damages
  • Weather related service calls Included
  • 20% Discount on any additional Rochester Radon Products/Services we offer