Rochester Radon has partnered with Airthings to bring you the most advanced In-Home monitoring systems on the market. It's because of the special partnership that we are able to bring these monitoring devices to you at a fraction of their usual Retail Price.

Wave Basement

Airthings Wave (2nd Gen) - Smart Radon Monitor

Wave (2nd Gen) is a smart radon detector with quick and accurate results on your smartphone. Additionally, you can simply wave in front of the device to get a visual indication of your radon levels.

Radon is the number one cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. Radon gas kills more than 6x the amount of people than home fires and carbon monoxide poisoning combined. Radon gas can be found everywhere and fluctuates daily. Every home needs a radon detector.

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Digital Radon Detector

Airthings Corentium Home - Digital Radon Detector

The Corentium radon gas monitor is a state-of-the-art measuring instrument that combines ease of use and performance.

The Corentium radon monitor allows you to take a reading of the radon levels and its LCD screen displays the average daily, weekly and long term concentrations. Powered by 3 standard AAA batteries, the monitor makes it easy to take measurements from one room to another in order to get an overview of the concentrations of radon in a home, workplace, school, a daycare center or any other location. The Corentium radon monitor is also an essential tool to use when performing property inspections or when checking the operation of a radon mitigation system.

The internal architecture of the Corentium monitor comes from advanced technology. Particular attention has been paid to the quality and protection of the internal components, allowing the use of algorithms for signal analysis that are more sophisticated. The Corentium monitor quickly adapts to its environment and eliminates inaccuracies related to external factors, allowing it to obtain the best accuracy in its niche.

The Corentium monitor is guaranteed for one year and in normal home use, it requires no annual calibrations throughout its useful life, estimated at over 10 years.

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Smart Indoor Air Quality and Radon Monitor

Airthings Wave Plus - Smart Indoor Air Quality and Radon Monitor

We spend 90% of our time indoors. Measuring our Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is one of the most important steps we can take in preventing illness and increasing productivity, energy and good health. Airthings, the IAQ specialists and experts in Radon, created the Airthings Wave Plus — the first smart IAQ monitor with Radon detection, designed for homes and all populated spaces. Itis the perfect solution for homeowners, employers and facility managers to gainful visibility into six indoor air factors; Radon, carbondioxide (CO​2), airborne chemicals (TVOCs), humidity, temperature and air pressure. Airthings Wave Plus includes a free app (iOS/Android) and an online dashboard with advanced analytics options.

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Smart TVOCs, Temperature, Humidity and Mold Risk Monitor

Airthings Wave Mini - Smart TVOCs, temperature, humidity and mold risk monitor

Now with mold risk indication! Airthings Wave Mini is your indoor air quality companion, allowing you to visualize the health and comfort levels in every room. When a room’s environment becomes less than optimal, Wave Mini will provide insights into the chemical and odor levels in your air. The Wave Mini is the perfect, cost-effective first step into understanding your indoor air quality, or a great addition to your existing Airthings air quality ecosystem. Air quality and temperature vary drastically from room to room and the only way to reach optimal comfort and health is to measure in every room.

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